Feb. 17, 2024 – Erin Ash Sullivan / Ash & Eric

Erin Ash Sullivan and Ash & Eric

Erin Ash Sullivan and Ash & Eric

Gritty stories meet soft melodies; a journey of raw emotions and sweet tunes in folk music.

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Ash & Eric, a married duo from Worcester, are known for their genuine storytelling through music. Their songs navigate the intricacies of love, capturing both its triumphs and tribulations. Their album, “Sure,” touches on love’s dynamics, offering both solace and reflection. Having been a team since 2012, their knack for transforming life’s challenges into lyrical narratives stands out. Their beautiful harmonies, acoustic guitar work, and warm stage presence have led them to perform alongside folk stalwarts like Livingston Taylor and Mark Erelli. Their latest album, “Sure,” was entirely produced by Eric, and they’re set to release a related film in 2023.

Erin Ash Sullivan, also rooted in Massachusetts, presents a nuanced take on folk music. Rose Garden attendees will remember her as the winner of our 2023 Performing Songwriter Competition. Originally one-half of the folk pair, Edith O., with Amy Speace, Erin took time away for personal commitments before making a resonant return. Her 2021 solo debut, “We Can Hear Each Other,” found success, particularly her track “Fireflies.” Gaining attention within the folk community, her accolades include the Mark Erelli Judge’s Choice Award. Erin’s artistry, often described as both delicate and evocative, evokes comparisons to established artists, notably Dar Williams.