Winners of our Performing Songwriter Competition

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2024: James Lee Baker, (finalists: Chris LaVancher and Allison Rose)

2023: Erin Ash Sullivan (finalists John Coleman Bennett and Peter Carriveau)

2022: Carole Wise (finalists Nick Carter and Abby Rose) – our 30th!

2021: Matt Marshak (finalists Erin Ash Sullivan and Robinson Treacher)

2020: Doug Farrell (finalists Kathy Bennett and Michael Carpenter)

2019: Kala Farnham (finalists Mark Stepakoff and Timothy Sawyer)

2018: Kim Moberg (finalists Dave Falk and D.B. Rielly)

2017: Abbye West Pates (finalists: Ric Allendorf and Rob Flax) – our 25th!

2016: Seamus Galligan (finalists: Joanne Lurgio and Ian Meadows)

2015: Dan Weber (finalists Christine DeLeon and Tom Smith)

2014: Zoe Mulford (finalists Lara Herscovitch and Mike Laureanno)

2013: Paddy Mills (finalists Jane Fallon and Hugh O’Doherty)

2012: Martin Swinger (finalists Ashley Jordan and Dan Cloutier) – our 20th!

2011: Ron Carlson (finalists Tom Gizzi and Charlie Loesel)

2010: Larry Murante  (finalists Jim Colbert and Chris Elliott)

2009: Garrison Doles (finalists Lynne Hanson and Chris Elliott) 

2008: Chuck Hall (finalists Jenny GoodspeedBrian Kalinec)

2007: Mike Morris (finalists Dan Gonzalez, Peter Verity) – our 15th!

2006: John Schindler (finalists Jay Mankita, Dave Potts)

2005: Arlon Bennett (finalists Joe Crookston, Kate Redgate)

2004: Jud Caswell (finalists Susan Levine, Ned Massey)

2003: Cadence Carroll

2002: Michael Troy– our 10th!

2001: Dan Pelletier

2000: Richard Berman

1999: Jean Bratman

1998: Darryl Purpose

1997: Michael Hsu

1996: Carl Cacho

1995: Max Cohen

1994: Steve Hurl

1993: Rick Tarquinio