The goal of the competition is to encourage emerging singer/songwriters to seek recognition for their work and to offer them the chance to further their careers.

Contest winners receive:

A $100 prize
A featured gig at the Rose Garden

Entry Form

1. Competition is open to all singer/songwriters interested in receiving wider recognition for their performance and writing talents, with the exception of Rule #2 below.

2. The following are not eligible: Rose Garden featured or co-billed performers from the past or current seasons; members of the Rose Garden Committee or volunteer staff, or members of their immediate families; and performers who have released an album containing original songs on a bona fide “record label.” Duos or groups should not enter; this competition is for individual singer/songwriters. Release of a self-produced CD which is not affiliated with an outside record label will not exclude you.

3. Entrant must submit two original songs on a CD. Songs should reflect your individual performance style and need not be professionally recorded. Care should be taken, however, to produce a recording which allows the words and music to be heard clearly. Note: submission of highly produced CDs with a lot of extra instrumentation and vocals is strongly discouraged. This can obscure the evaluation of your song and your performance on their own merits.

4. Entrant must be the person performing “lead” vocals on each submitted song. Co-written songs are acceptable as long as you are singing and one of the co-writers. Full credit must be given to co-writers.

5. The contest is held every year. Each year, all entries must be received by APRIL 15. After April 15, the contest is open for the following year. One entry per performer, please.

6. Three finalists will be chosen and must be prepared to perform the two entered songs live at the Rose Garden at the MAY SHOW (dates vary each year; please check the schedule to make sure you can attend before entering the contest). The finals competition will precede the featured performance of an artist to be announced. A panel of judges will select the winning performer that night based on songwriting ability, stage presence and performance skills. All entries must be accompanied by typed lyric sheets for the two songs plus the entry form which appears below. In place of the entry form, a 3″x 5″ card bearing the same information may be submitted. There is no fee this year for entering the Performing Songwriter Competition. All entries must be mailed to:

Rose Garden Coffeehouse
10 Toad Island Road
Norton, MA, 02766

All entries must be received by April 15.
CDs will not be returned.

Entry Form